Caboodle  Project  Latest work from Plume Art Collective 
 Image: Nihility Marbles   Project   A multifaceted project combining high-speed photography, moving image and ethereal soundscapes. Essentially Tabula Rasa is a voyeuristic look at the hypnotic behaviour of different coloured paints in water.   Awards   BCU Deans award for exceptional achievement  CreativePool 2016 Annual Winner  ‘Best in Book’ in the Creative Review Photography Annual 2015      Exhibition   Curated by Andy Pilsbury and Ernest Otoo made up of 12 photographic prints & 2 audio-visual projections. Alongside our own work, a selection of collaborative works from artists and designers from the Midlands and beyond were present at the exhibition.      Interactive Online Platform and Website   A new concept within the arts, allowing personal interaction and engagement with online media which is characterised by an evolving shelf life. Viewers interested in purchasing a one-off piece from the  Tabula Rasa  collection of moving images can do so using this interactive online platform; Helix to select an individual, limited edition print. Along with time and purchases, the work will gradually disappear until there is nothing left.   Web & UI Design – Ernest Otoo  Development – Alan Dolhasz      Moving Image   Our aim has been to hone our process in order to capture as much of the beauty of this medium as possible and deliver it in a format which is as mesmerising for the viewer as it is for us witnessing its manifestation in the studio; this was the motivation for the moving image facet of the project.  Mike Holmes & Ernest Otoo worked on a soundscape to this which would make the experience as immersive as possible. We were fortunate enough to be accepted to work in the Moog Soundlab, which gave us access to some immensely, unique analog sounds which we’ve incorporated into the soundscape.  Editor / Colourist / Camera Operator – Matt Cusworth  Director Of Photography – Andy Pilsbury  Art Direction / Sound Design – Ernest Otoo  Sound Design – Mike Holmes
 Project  A Philosophy Of Self Destruction was the first body of work made by Ernest and Andy. Crudely developed and shot in Ernests flat, this was the beginning of many projects to follow and the forming of the collective, Plume.
 Additional artwork and outputs from Plume Art Collective